Covid 19

Changes in the way we operate due to the COVID 19 Pandemic

We are opening up a very limited number of clinics initially and we hope this will increase over the coming weeks. We are expecting a very high demand for these appointments and if we are unable to book you in immediately, we will put you on the waiting list and contact you as soon as new clinics are added. Please bear with us, as we have to ensure the safety of all our patients with appointments taking longer and the need for fewer people in the practice than previously. Whilst many retail environments will be opening up, unlike them, we are in regular, close proximity with patients within the social distancing recommendation so need to ensure we protect everyone in the best way possible. We understand that these changes are not ideal, and we are trying to make this a much easier process for all. However, we want to keep giving our patients and customers the service you deserve whilst keeping everyone safe at the same time. Thank you for your understanding and your loyal support and look forward to welcoming you to the practice as soon as we can.

Practice changes
We have made changes to the practice during the lockdown to make social distancing easier and patients and staff safer. You will see changes such as protective screens and distance markers.
We have also introduced new testing methods and new equipment
Booking appointment
You can either request an appointment on the website or phone and leave a recorded message on 07908125911 .
All messages are monitored and will be replied to after the clinics have been completed for the day.
Please leave a clear message and a telephone number you can be reached till 9.00pm
Phone calls
We can not answer the phone while in the clinic so please leave messages on the mobile phone given above

Pre examination preparation and payment
When you book your appointment we will do pre examination by phone
This will include getting updates on your general health , medications ( please have your prescription handy) your concerns about your eyes and vision and we will plan the tests you need to complete.
You will then prepay for your appointment over the phone . If you qualify for a NHS funded test we will still take a deposit, that will be forfeited should you fail to attend and either refunded or put towards glasses following the test if you qualify for free test /glasses. The purpose of this is to ensure that no appointments are wasted as there are now substantial costs to getting the practice clean and sanitised for each individual person.
If you can only get here by taxi, then you need to make sure that the driver is able to bring you on time and collect you at an appointed agreed time.
We will also ask you whether or not you want glasses and what type of spectacles and lenses you require so we can prepare and hence keep face to face interactions as short as possible
Again we will request prepayment so there is no touching of credit card machines or handling of money in the practice

Priority will be given to those in pain, those who are at risk of blindness and those who are highly dependent on glasses for day to day functioning
If you are simply overdue for your regular check-up, then we appreciate your patience as we are gradually able extend our services as the lockdown and social distancing rules are relaxed and we will examine you in due course, but please leave a message if you have concerns about your eyes

Toilet facilities
We no longer have toilet facilities available and will not be able to offer any drinks to anyone

On the day of the appointment we will request
It may also be useful to ensure that we have your mobile number so that we can call you when we are ready to see you
Entry to the practice will be restricted to one person at a time ( unless you are child or vulnerable and then you can bring 1 person with you support you )
We will only allow you in at the appointed time so please sit in your car until that time or ensure you do not arrive early
The front door will be locked to ensure everybody has exclusive use of the practice as this keeps everybody as safe as possible.
We will check you are symptom free of Covid before allowing you to enter. Anyone with symptoms or a high temperature will be denied entry
We will require you to sanitise your hands and request you do not touch anything unless instructed to do so


We will see you with masks eye protection aprons and gloves . Whilst this may look intimidating it is for your protection and is a requirement
We would ask you to come with a correct fitting mask that covers both your mouth and nose and request you do not chat as this can often encourage the mask to drop below your nose
Also if you bring a child then they should wear a correct fitting mask that is designed for a child of their age .
Again if you do not wear a mask we will not be able to let you enter the premises.
At the time of writing we have a small number of adult masks for a £1 a mask if an adult cannot source their own mask by any method but we have no childrens mask for sale so it is up to parents to ensure their child comes with a correct fitting mask in place

Social distancing
We request that you are mindful to follow social distance guidance throughout the entire visit to keep staff and others safe
We have conducted risk assessments to ensure that we meet the COVID-10 Secure Certification as set out by the government.

Risk assessment
In the interest of public health and the protection of our staff and patients, we have introduced social distancing, hygiene and PPE processes in all of our practices and have
With safety in mind, there are new steps that we will be taking to protect you and our staff when you come to the practice. •

Time in practice
The time in the practice will be kept to a minimum and be used to collect data about your eye health. Please do not chat while you are in the practice. Treat it like a blood test. You get a procedure done and get your results later. It is hard for us to chat through masks and we need to spend extra time cleaning everything plus the more chatting that is done the longer we stay in contact with each other and the less safe we all become.
Post examination follow up phone call
We will phone you afterwards to discuss results and answer any questions you may have
Frame selection
We are no longer allowing un-assisted browsing of our frames and staff will help you throughout the process. All of our frames are sanitised and any frames that have been handled will be removed for sanitisation before they are returned to the display. • We will also be adjusting your frame for a perfect fit at the time of dispensing to reduce the need for further close proximity when you come to collect them.

Self isolate with symptoms
Anyone who is displaying any symptoms whatsoever should self-isolate and contact the practice immediately to re-schedule their appointment.

Jane Becker Le Cerf
BSc MCOptom DipTp(IP) Prof Cert Glauc Prof Cert Med Ret Higher Cert Glauc