Covid 19

Changes in the way we operate due to the COVID 19 Pandemic update

It is absolutely essential that we keep as safe as possible. For this reason the practice remains locked shut.  Please do not just turn up. We aim to keep all social contact to an absolute minimum

We are here to help though, as much as we can, so please phone if you have a query and leave your name , number and enquiry details. These messages will be monitored  in normal working hours and you will be contacted within a few hours.

Normal working hours Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday between 9.00 and 1.00 and 2.00 and 4.00


IF YOUR ENQUIRY IS AN EMERGENCY for example, severe pain in eye or sudden loss of vision , and falls outside normal working hours  or on  Wednesdays or Weekends  then PLEASE DO NOT WAIT OR LEAVE A MESSAGE . Contact an alternative optician in the first instance or if you cannot get help from an optician, then  Accident and Emergency Department . Specsavers Wigan (01942 824480)  is  one of the opticians that are open 7 days a week .

Remote  Help


We can arrange for replacement pairs of glasses to be sent to your home


If you need a repair please post your glasses with your name and number in the black letter box to the right side of the closed shutter. You can post these through, any time of day or night and phone and make us aware you would like a repair completing and we can arrange for collection from the practice / assessment / repair and then will arrange contactless delivery or collection


We have not sent any  reminders out since the initial lockdown . For the majority of patients if you not having problems,  then is no harm to delay your examination until social contact is not restricted.

If you are worried or concerned about not being examined, then please phone and discuss this with us, and we can look into your particular  case  and decide what is best for you on an individual basis  weighing up the risk of increased social contact against the risk of detriment to your sight


If it is absolutely essential, that you visit the practice because your problem cannot be dealt with remotely, then you must do this by first prebooking by phone and only after discussion with the optician

You should visit alone, unless you are vulnerable, or a child and then you can bring one person to accompany you.

You should ensure you have a mask covering both your mouth and nose with you and be wearing it   on entry you should sanitise your hands and will be directed to leave your coat, bag and any belongings on a precleaned plastic chair.

You will be the only person allowed in the practice and the door will remain locked so others cannot enter and you will only have the optician, looking after you from start to finish, so you will only be coming into contact with one person

She has received her first vaccination jab.

Testing methods

We have also introduced new testing methods and new equipment so that the optician does not have to get close to you. 

Phone call prior to test

When it is agreed that you require an appointment we will collect as much information about you as we can over the phone.

This will include getting updates on your general health , medications ( please have your prescription handy)  your concerns about your eyes and vision, and whether or not you want glasses   to enable us to  plan the tests you need to complete.

If you can only get here by taxi, then you need to make sure that the driver is able to bring you on time and collect you at an appointed agreed  time. We will discuss the length of the eye examination before you come and advise you when to arrange for the taxi to collect you


Priority will be given to those in pain, those who are at risk of blindness and those who are highly dependent on glasses for day to day functioning

As mentioned previously if you  are simply overdue for your regular check-up, then we appreciate your patience as we are gradually able extend our services as the lockdown and social distancing rules are relaxed and we will examine you  in due course, but please leave a message  if you have concerns about your eyes

Toilet facilities

We no longer have toilet facilities available and will not be able to offer any drinks to anyone. Please ensure you have been to the toilet before you attend.


We have had walls knock down to make for larger testing rooms and had vents put it the walls to ensure a fresh supply of air.  As you are the only person in the practices, internal doors are open so there are no confined spaces. Both the front and external door are opened to the outside between patients so there is an exchange of fresh air.  Because of this the ventilation the practice is fairly cold so we advise you dress with warm clothes


On the day of the appointment we will request

It may also be useful to ensure that we have your mobile number  and you have your mobile phone with you so that we can call you when we are ready to see you

We will only allow you in at the appointed time so please sit in your car until that time or ensure you do not  arrive early

The front door will be locked.

We will check you are symptom free of Covid before allowing you to enter. Anyone with symptoms or a high temperature will be denied entry

 We will require you to sanitise your hands and request you do not touch anything unless instructed to do so


We will see you with masks eye protection aprons and gloves . Whilst this may look intimidating it is for your protection and is a requirement.

Etiquette at reception

There is a large Perspex wall now built up from the reception counter . You will not be required to sign or touch pens or the credit card machine. We have disposable sticks that you can use to type in your pin number for payment

Time in practice

The time in the practice will be kept to a minimum and be used to collect data about your eye health. Please do not chat while you are in the practice. Treat it like a blood test. You get a procedure done and get your results later. It is hard for us to chat through masks and we need to spend extra time cleaning everything plus the more chatting that is done the longer we stay in contact with each other and the less safe we all become.

Post examination follow up phone call 

We will phone you afterwards to discuss results and answer any questions you may have

Frame selection

We are no longer allowing un-assisted browsing of our frames.  You are allowed to try frames on but anything that is tried on must be put in a basket so it can be quarantined and removed from display for cleaning.  All of our frames are sanitised prior to being put out on display.

Self-isolate with symptoms

 Anyone who is displaying any symptoms whatsoever should self-isolate and contact the practice immediately to re-schedule their appointment.

Jane Becker Le Cerf BSc MCOptom DipTp(IP) Prof